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Welcome to my Ed Jones Mobile Locksmith blog!

Here you will find latest tools and happenings and brief discussions on new developments I make with tools.

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Cheap spare car keys

Cheap car keys over the christmas period we are charging a £100 this offer excludes smart and proximity keys.

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New updates to the site.

This evening I have updated the site with a SSL certificate which will certify the safety of all my customers whilst on my site! I will also be able to offer new and upcoming discounts coming up to christmas! The blog and facebook shall be updated more frequently with my day to day goings on and I will be answering questions about it all! So if you are in Cardiff, Newport, Bargoed or anywhere and you need a auto locksmith, safe technician or just a general domestic locksmith please call Ed...

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New site blog

The site is new so I will be posting on my blog periodically about work and offers so please stay in touch and if you need any advice please don’t hesitate to contact me! Also please join the facebook group by clicking the facebook icon on the site or and if you are happy with the work I have done please leave a google review!

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